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"I have extensive knowledge of all the latest design trends, and I am passionate about pushing the boundaries, bringing a fresh approach on kitchen design to Somerset. I do like to think outside of the box, which enables me to create kitchens that are not your run of the mill room full of units, by focusing my attention to clever storage solutions and real functionality. I like a challenge in design, so if you have something in mind, run it past me for my advice, and I will see what I can do. Your satisfaction is my reputation. I will look after you every step of the way, with all the advice I can offer to help you to make the right choices for your new kitchen."

Richard Johns
Designer, Director and Project Manager.

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Richard is a natural born designer.

Born in Portsmouth in 1979, Richard developed a love for art and creativity at a very early age, heavily influenced and encouraged by his father and grandmother.
At school he struggled with literacy and numeracy, yet exceeded when he was given the opportunity to present the subjects in a visual, artistic manner, and this method became widely accepted by his tutors once they realised that this was how he could put across his thoughts and ideas most accurately.

Richard went on to art College, studying fine art and photography, where he discovered a love for architecture and technical drawing, and decided that he wanted to persue a career in architecture.
During his time at college, he took up part time employment at a large national DIY chain. His dependancy upon a wage to support his personal commitments meant that once he left Art college, he needed to increase his working hours to a full time contract, and with that, his dreams of becoming an architect never surfaced.

During his time in employment for a large national DIY chain, his creative nature was quickly realised, and Richard naturally progressed into the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom design side of the business, where he was able to put his design skills to great use, consistently smashing sales targets and winning design competitions within this national company. Richard showed a flair for design, that was not commonly seen, and was head hunted to assist with product development and training. After 16 years in the business as an employee, Richard took the decision to put his skills and inside knowledge to better use, and with the full support of his wife, Lorraine, opened his own independant kitchen design, supply and installation business 'Richard Johns Signature Kitchens' in 2011.
His goal is "To make high end, top quality kitchens affordable for the mass market, without any compromise on quality".

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