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The work surface is the hardest working part of any kitchen, and careful consideration should be made when choosing your surface.
We offer a wide range of work surface options covering literally hundreds of colour and finish options, each with their own individual appeal. We will guide you through all of the options and advise which we feel would best suit your design and usage requirements.

Granite - A natural material a million years in the making, whos characteristics create an individuality and quality that is unrivalled by any other surface.

SileStone - In essence, a man made surface using a mixture of natural and man made materials, creating an extremely durable surface with a very uniformal colour and finish.

Dekton - Is a new ultra-compact surface by Cosentino that offers extreme performance and unique design.

Eco Surface - A Stunning surface made using 75% recycled materials, with the remaining 25% being environmentally responsible, providing an incredibly beautiful and hard wearing surface.

Solid Wood - The natural beauty of wood is timeless, yet it fits perfectly in contemporary kitchen design as well as traditional. All of our wood is responsibly sourced.

Corian & GetaCore - Acrylic surfaces offer complete design flexibility and finish perfection, with seamless joints and a total uniformity in colour and finish.

Laminate - Laminate surfaces are underestimated in modern kitchen design, yet are extremely practical and cost effective. New technology has brought this surface on to a level of quality that will rival any surface for durability and longevity

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